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2008 Deuce Pop Wakeskate Reviews

February 21st, 2008 · 1 Review

Deuce Pop Gator WakeskatesDeuce Pop Gator Wakeskates

Gatorboards is proud to introduce Matt Manzari’s new signature pro-model the Deuce Pop for the second year in a row. With many advances of the Bi-Level we here at Gatorboards are excited to announce that this year the Deuce Pop is more durable then ever before. For 08 we gave the deuce all new gator flat head hardware that wont strip the wood top deck. With compression molded bottom that will make for many fun days on the water.

RIDER QUOTE: The Deuce pop has been a great board. Last year we made a few changes that improved the boards “POP” and the way it holds edge. We were also able to greatly improve its durability from a construction standpoint.

This year, for 08, the new board is awesome. The weight of the board is a perfect balance that is heavy enough that the tricks carry through because of the swing weight and it is not easily caught in the wind but it is light enough to where it doesn’t feel heavy on your feet or hinder some of the most technical tricks. We are already experimenting with different fin setups to continue to enhance its already powerful design. In my opinion, I think the Deuce Pop is the leader in design and performance amongst the line-up of Bi-level designs.

-Matt Manzari-

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  • Lucas hilliard // Jul 20, 2010 at 10:49 am

    Wonderful board first times ridin it unfortunately a board shop tricked me into saying it was a 2010 model. One of the bi level trucks broke third time riding it… No joke. I’m quite mad! Going to return it now hopefully they don’t mess around!

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