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2008 Absolute Wakeboard Reviews

February 15th, 2008 · No Reviews

Absolute CWB WakeboardsAbsolute CWB Wakeboards

Chances are at some point in your riding you have either ridden an Absolute, or a shape created from one. Known as one of the most influential shapes in our industries short life, the Absolute is again delivered with a twelve-year veterans seal of approval. Knowing what sells and what is best for the industry, Zane has always created shapes that not only ride well for the beginner, but also perform for the ripper. Zane has been with us for twelve years and has been a huge influence on our brand as well as the industry as a whole. From being an innovator in the sport, knowing what it takes for a shape to be successful, and teaching more people to ride than Ron Jeremy, we appreciate what he does and has done every day.

The latest Absolute shape continues the tradition of awesome. The 08 uses longer molded fins that have a cupped shape adding additional bite on edge. We also added a turned down rail for additional edge lock as well as a slight cupped rail to make this a hard edger with a forgiving ride when flat. The Absolute was the first shape to use a center spine for landings, and now most every shape on the market has one. Also, CWB was the first to innovate top shaping used in the Absolute and now this tech is also used on almost every board in the industry. Using flex pattern technology called X Flex, this board has been proven to do what it takes to progress the rider and spring off the wake better than ever. If you haven’t yet noticed, the Absolute has continually set the standard for what makes a shape perform the best. Innovations like spine’s, cupped molded fins, turned down rails, top shaping, as well as being endorsed by someone who can ride a unicycle down stairs, demo the 08 Absolute. It will make you ride better.

Size 135cm
Weight 7.6lbs.
Rocker 2.90″
Waist Width 16.90″
Tip/Tail Width 10.10″
Rider Weight up to 170
Stance Width 21.5 – 25.5
Rocker Shape subtle 3-stg

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