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2008 Transcend Wakeboard Reviews

February 15th, 2008 · No Reviews

Transcend CWB WakeboardsTranscend CWB Wakeboards

One of the best selling shapes in the industry for 2007 has been delivered again to you in 2008. The numerous features of this deck remain the same as last year as it is unheard of to create a shape that rides well for a world champ, as well as a weekend wally. We did tweak the flex a tad to find that happy spot between smooth release and a buck off the wake. After Andrew tested several, he feels like we’ve nailed it and provided a deck that has everything he wants but also rides well for others. Andrew won the WWA World Championships on this shape….again.

The Transcend boasts industry first fin extensions. This allows the rider to fine tune their edge.Instead of drastically changing the way the board rides by removing the fins, this simply changes the edge and release characteristics.Riding it without the extensions gives you a soft edge and an early release from the top of the wake.Adding the extensions gives you a stronger edge and a locked in bite up the wake.The extensions are great for rough water conditions and riders who are not yet comfortable with their edge.Boasting a deep spine for softening up the landings, channels carved into the tip and tail to ad a bit of bite, and extensive top shaping to trim weight and add stiffness.The Transcend has always been a finicky shape reserved for those who are comfortable with their edge and enjoy the hardest wake to wake buck out there. This new generation made it a far more friendly shape opening the door to the intermediate rider to progress as well.

Size 138cm
Weight 7.6lbs.
Rocker 2.92″
Waist Width 16.82″
Tip/Tail Width 9.51″
Rider Weight up to 175
Stance Width 21.5 – 25.5
Rocker Shape subtle 3-stg

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