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2009 Natural Wakeboard Reviews

May 18th, 2009 · 1 Review

2009 Natural WakeboardsArguably the most balanced board in our line and our flagship deck in 08, the Natural is a board that almost anyone can ride and feel “natural” right away. The full profile and performance blended 3-stage rocker provides the kick pros are looking for, the DELTA base keeps it fast, and the quad molded fins at each end provide traction in any conditions. Shape by Daniel Watkins and Chris Johnson Graphic Treatment: Matte Finish with spot varnish


  • 3-Stage rocker – large flat spot gives the board huge pop.
  • DELTA base – board rides faster, releases cleaner.
  • 8 Molded-in fins – excellent tracking and stability.
  • Cupped rails – super strong edge hold.
  • Elevated deck and rails – adds strength, reduces weight, gives rider something to grab.
  • Variable Edge Profile – soft in the middle, sharp at the tip and tail.

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  • mat andreychuk // Jul 30, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    it is the most amazing board i have ever ridden. I love it it has a strong hold on the water so you can cut hard as you want. it has more pop than you can handle. yet it is light as a feather the natural with boots on it is as heavy as my old board without bindings on it. i strongly suggest to get this board and the price does not hurt you wallet.

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