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2009 Vice Wakeboard Reviews

May 18th, 2009 · No Reviews

2009 Vice WakeboardsThe Vice continues to evolve! Last year we added our signature DELTA base, this year it’s 100% finless, reflecting the Vice’s freeride feel. With a wide profile designed to be ridden 4 to 5 cm shorter than a standard deck, the Vice is for riders who prefer a mellower cut to the wake – using the board’s surface area and huge progressive rocker line to generate pop. The Vice also excels for riders preferring higher boat speeds, where it’s width provides a stable platform, huge pop, and soft landings when taken into the flats Graphic Treatments: Carbon Inlay. Shape by Josh Sanders and Chris Johnson


  • Progressive rocker – 3 stage pop, with continuous predictability.
  • DELTA base – board rides higher and a lot faster.
  • Wide tip/tail/mid section – for explosive pop off the wake.
  • Molded-in fins – for outstanding tracking and stability.
  • Double concave hull – helps soften landings.
  • Vented channels – helps prolong the life of the deck.
  • Crook fins – gives the deck a stronger edge hold when used.

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