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2009 Custom Thruster Wakesurfer Reviews

April 1st, 2009 · No Reviews

2009 Custom Thruster WakesurfersJimmy Redmon has taken his years of shaping wakeboards and surfboards and used the experience to build what many are calling the best wakesurfers to hit the market! Ride one once and you will instantly become a fan. Smiles are never ending as you’ll continue to improve each time you drop in on your wake. Equipped with an LF Traction pad for grip, and a lightweight core, these boards fly on the wake. LF Wakesurfing… it’s a new revolution sweeping the nation one wake at a time!

Lightweight, foam core with seamless fiberglass lay-up
-Clean surfboard design and function.

Low rocker with sharp rails through the tail
-Fast, and loose… ready to shred the pocket!

Single concave hull
-Provides extra lift to keep you moving forward and not bogging.

Single fin setup
-Loose and easy to spin.

Thruster setup (4’6″ only)
-more drive… superior tracking off the bottom… quicker edge to edge transition.

Grooved EVA Deck Pad
-Arch bar and kick stop for positive grip and sure-footed traction.


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