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2009 Lyman Wakeboard Reviews

March 31st, 2009 · 1 Review

2009 Lyman WakeboardsKeith’s board is a super charged board that will take anything a rider gives it. His lightweight rocket ship of a board is all about speed, pop, and unmatched strength.

Double to Quad concave hull.
– Soft landings caused by beam in center, and superior hold through tail caused by Quad Concave

D I S C setup throughout belly of board
– Double concave is placed within a very shallow single concave.
– Center beam is lower than the outside panels so that the board lays flat on rails and doesn’t rock from side to side.

Tail features a Quad-Concave V placed between a set of fins sitting on top of each concave.
– The outside set are long warped molded in fins, and the inside set closest to the tip are removable shallow cupped fins.
– With the outside fins only, the board can still track very well while it remains loose and releases early off the wake.
– With the full quad setup in place, the board provides more hold, increased speed, and generates incredible thrust off the wake.

Aggressive 3 stage rocker
-Super Charge your ride!

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  • Sam // May 4, 2009 at 11:54 am

    The Lyman is a forgiving waeboard overal yet delivers the kind of amazing pop and smooth landings I am looking for from liquid forces newest wakeboards. I really felt like I was riding with springs on my board when I first jumped on and started hitting the wake. Even the cotrol is awsome. As you branch out into surface tricks and such like myself you’ll want to be able to slide your board yet easily lock into an edge. This wakeboard goes like no tommorrow and is simply super.


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