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2009 PS3 Grind Wakeboard Reviews

March 29th, 2009 · No Reviews

2009 PS3 Grind WakeboardsRail Riding has become such an integral part of wakeboarding these days that it’s only fitting we’d make a board designed to withstand the abuse that jibbing can bring to a board. This board combines the smooth, forgiving characteristics of the PS3 with our durable Grind Base Material.

LF Exclusive Grind Base Material
– Durable Base withstands the wear and tear caused by PVC, Docks, or metal.

Three stage, hybrid rocker
– Straighter curve through center for consistent edging and speed into wake
– Exaggerated kink out the tips – smooth transitions into the tail section for increased trajectory off the wakes.

Exaggerated Variable Edge Rail

D-I-S-C hull through center -Double-Inside-Single-Concave
– Provides lift and generates speed while breaking water on impact providing cushioned, pillow soft landings.

Tip Exiting Slots
– Channels water away in the proper direction. Helps generate speed while keeping you locked in on approach to the wake.

Warped Molded In Fins

– As they grow towards the tail they get sharper and warp inward. The end result is a loose feel when in neutral that generates relentless hold as you edge.


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