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2008 Shane Wakeboard Reviews

February 13th, 2008 · 1 Review

Shane Liquid Force WakeboardsShane Liquid Force Wakeboards

Whether he’s talking about the state of the industry, landing new tricks like Toe-side Backside 7’s, or helping us design better products, Shane is always running at full speed. When he created his latest pro-model board, he told us, “…make it as aggressive as you can, but keep it real. I want it to roll onto an edge super smooth and faster than anything else out there. I want it to take off like a rocket and explode off the wake but not buck me weird. Oh yeah… of course I want it to land super soft…Is that too much to ask?” Apparently not, because what was created was an exciting board that still allows the rider to remain cool, calm and collected. Shane’s modern design generates persistent speed all day long and most importantly, smooth landings that help absorb those big landings from double-ups. Only a pro model of this caliber and style can receive the official Shane Bonifay seal of approval.

Aggressive, 3-Stage Rocker
-This edgy and fierce style is a force to be reckoned with. There is no mistake that this rocker will give you the boot you’re looking for.

Center “V” w/Double Concave Mid-Section that Feeds into Triple Concave Tail
-Breaks water for soft landings. Aggressively channels water and generates speed.

Warped Molded in “C-4” Fin Setup
-Four canted fins angled for effectiveness and placed for precision. Warped molded inside fins focus lift through center tip concave. Outside cupped fins provide insane hold with minimal drag. Fast, loose, and have the holding power to carve like mad.

Lifted Variable Edge
– Lifted and soft in the middle – Forgiving when neutral, spins faster off the wake, lands still spinning – Sharpens as it nears the tail – Locks and holds edge into the water when weight is transferred into the edging position – Clean and catch free sliding.

Performance “Full” Shape
-Down Size 2-3cm -1/2in wider; can be ridden 2-3cm shorter. Increased surface area focused in the middle of the board for unparalleled pop, minimal swing weight, easy to maneuver.

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  • andrew wilson // Aug 14, 2008 at 4:08 am

    great all round board creates huge pop and soft landings, bit skatey transfering edge but great hold on hard edge

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