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2008 PS3 Wakeboard Reviews

February 13th, 2008 · No Reviews

PS3 Liquid Force WakeboardsPS3 Liquid Force Wakeboards

Phillip Soven is a wakeboarding phenom… After watching him dominate the 2007 Pro Tour, some would venture to call him a machine. With the PS3, he finally has a board that can keep up with his smooth, yet hard charging style. The PS3 offers a 3-stage rocker that pops high enough to rotate all of Phillip’s tech tricks, yet is fast enough on the water to help carry them all into the flats. The lifted rail line on Phillip’s board allows the best rider in the world as well as the weekend warrior to spin with the confidence others will envy. You’ll never want to stop. Phillip won’t stop either. He and his PS3 are back in 2008 with an edgier attitude and are ready to once again take the contest world by storm.

Three stage, hybrid rocker
-Straighter curve through center for consistent edging and speed into wake
-Exaggerated kink out the tips – smooth transitions into the tail section for increased trajectory off the wakes.

D-I-S-C hull through center – Double-Inside-Single-Concave
-Provides lift and generates speed while breaking water on impact providing cushioned, pillow soft landings.

Tip Exiting Slots
-Channels water away in the proper direction. Helps generate speed while keeping you locked in on approach to the wake.

Warped Molded In Fins
-As they grow towards the tail they get sharper and warp inward. The end result is a loose feel when in neutral that generates relentless hold as you edge.


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