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2008 Press Wakeboard Reviews

February 13th, 2008 · No Reviews

Press Liquid Force WakeboardsPress Liquid Force Wakeboards

Get ready for a completely new type of ride from Liquid Force! With the introduction of the Press Series, we’re unveiling a flex and feel unlike other board in our line. Taking technology that’s been used in our other product division for several years, we’ve been able to create a board with a unique flex pattern. Not soft… not stiff… a combination of both. If you’re looking to load up the line and pop off the wake, the snappy flex of our Press is unmatched. If you’re looking to “press” on the rails like Shane Bonifay is known for, the product is ready for you. Mike Ennen has helped us create not only the flex and feel of this series, but the look, as well. For the first time in LF History we have utilized a team rider’s artistic talents to create the graphic. Mike not only drafted his 142 Graphic to reflect his Northwest heritage, he also put the ink down on Shane’s 136 giving it that classic Shane Bonifay Flair that we’ve come to expect!

Composite Foam Core
-Lightweight, flexible core

Super Flex Profile
-Allows rider to press on rails and gives unique snap/kick off wake
*Flex specific to board/rider size

ABS Sidewall Construction
-Added durability and strength
-Allows board to flex not break

Single Concave Hull
-Smooth flow through water
-Catch free on rails

Mike Ennen’s LF Exclusive Artwork

Wide Profile
-Gives stability when on water and the extra volume allows for more push off wake.

Quad Fin Setup
-Clean hold with minimal drag


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