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2008 Axis Wakeboard Reviews

February 13th, 2008 · No Reviews

Axis Liquid Force WakeboardsAxis Liquid Force Wakeboards

Kevin Henshaw is one of the hardest working riders we have… his board is no different. Made to go bigger, track better, and land softer… it’s the ultimate in modern day high performance. Whether you’re landing backside 7’s en route to another double up contest victory like Henny, or you’re spinning your first 3, this board is designed to give you a fun experience like none other.

Aggressive, Three-Stage Rocker
-Straighter through center with exaggerated curve out the tips – quick transitions into the tail section for a straight up pop off the wakes

D-I-S-C hull through center
-Double-Inside-Single-Concave…Softens landings and maintains board speed.

Quad Channel / Quad Fin
-Controlled water flow through ends for extra thrust and lift.

Variable Edge Rail
-Rolled edge through midsection becoming sharper as it moves towards the tips…Forgiving, catch-free through middle, hard cutting and fast off the tail.

Quad Molded-in Warped Fin Setup
-Speed, hold, and projection out of turns and off the wake.

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