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2008 CSVI Wakeboard Reviews

July 29th, 2007 · No Reviews

Ronix CSVI WakeboardsRonix CSVI Wakeboard


Fabricated of a hybrid carbon/glass weave and machined out of our new Dark core blank. The envy of all other cores has a snap you don’t find in a conventional poured foam core. A stiffer lighter alternative sets a higher standard of maintaining a boards’ structure thru the transition of a wake, rebounding with cushier impacts on bigger airs.Up to 20% lighter than our other secret squirrel core. If you can’t pull a 7 because of the boards’ slender physique you can at least impress everyone in the boat with how light it is.Our team spent this past year tweaking the flex while our engineers made sure it was stronger than any other construction we have ever built. More than just another construction – our team swears by it.


  • Variable edge sharp to vertical rail reacts quicker than any of our other boards
  • 9.1 degree/late kick continuous rocker – less pitch to carry more speed out into the flats
  • 2.5”/2.6”/2.7” rocker – 133/138/143 cm sizes
  • Thin profile and stiff glass layup
  • Simple bottom shape – no need for deep center concaves or beams if a board has enough forward momentum
  • Artwork – soft touch black top/black metal emblems/black metallic ink/clear glossy ink/heat sensitive ink
  • 4 fiberglass 1.0” fins
  • Chad Sharpe creation

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