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2008 Krush Wakeboard Reviews

July 29th, 2007 · No Reviews

Ronix Krush WakeboardsRonix Krush Wakeboard

A line of boards that understand your body is working against the boat on a toeside edge. Designed with a wider profile – standing higher up the wake, requiring less speed, along with a hard edge profile for unsurpassed traction. The heelside offers an accelerated edge transfer from the sharp center rail blending to more of a vertical sidewall This floatier rail mixed with more sidecut increases the glide with a quicker release off the wake. Designed with a wider profile, and requiring less speed to get to new heights, you’ll develop more than a Krush this wakeboard season. The Ronix Krush Wakeboard will not only coax you into falling in love with it, but it will allow you to demolish all your competitors, with a whole new sense of Ronix style.


  • The standard in toeside/heelside versatility
  • 9.5 degree/medium staged rocker –an arc designed for small wakes or riders that just want the extra straight up hangtime
  • Simple bottom shape designed to land with more forward momentum
  • Artwork – Pearl flake top
  • A Mike Ferraro design for a universal style of mid to high-end abilities


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