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2008 Frontier Wakeboard Reviews

July 29th, 2007 · No Reviews

Ronix Frontier WakeboardsRonix Frontier Wakeboard

Determine your own style – don’t let a board do it for you. A toned down version of the Covin’s edge hold with a more vertical sidewall tail preventing this shape from rolling over on rail as far. A faster version of the Manas’ hybrid rocker with increased glide over the water. The Frontier board generates speed from an idle continuous arc in the middle length of the board combined with a kink in the ends. This style of hybrid arc means riders that have a tail heavy body position will notice the speed off the wake from the continuous rocker. Riders with a centered-weight style rely on the bend in the tip/tail of the board with a more straight up snap off the wake.


  • Accelerated edge transfer from the sharp center rail blending to our most vertical sidewall riding higher in the water in the tail with reduced drag
  • 9.6 degree/medium kick hybrid rocker – explosive snap from a fused staged/continuous rocker
  • Slightly thinned profile and simple bottom shape designed to land with more forward momentum
  • UV clear top/champagne metal flake
  • Designed by the Ronix developmental team

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