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2008 Mana Wakeboard Reviews

July 29th, 2007 · 1 Review

Ronix Mana WakeboardsRonix Mana Wakeboard

The alternative to stereotypes with the everyday rider in mind. A legendary new board and rider in the making. Adam Errington entered his first year onto the pro scene making his way to podiums with his own signature skate influenced style, while working on the design of his first deck. A shape that you can’t help but ride better on, whether you have a progressive cut, or come in flat to the wake. The Mana is always in control – even when you’re not with a hybrid rocker, new variable rail that isn’t too fast, slow, edgy or mellow.


  • A slightly fuller center rail with a soft bevel riding slightly higher on the water with a moderate transition to a sharper rail in the ends for a solid edge hold thru the wake
  • 10.8 degree/medium kick hybrid rocker – a solid boot regardless of weight distribution or how much speed a rider carries
  • 2.7”/2.8”/2.9”rocker – 134/138/142 cm sizes
  • Artwork – soft touch ink/sand paper clear ink/center emblem
  • 2 fiberglass fins
  • 2 deep molded-in fins
  • Adam Errington design

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  • Turbo // Jul 29, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    Riding the Ronix Mana has been like a dream. I have ridden many boards but few feel this durable and fast. I am not new to hybrid rocker wakeboards but this felt like such a soft landing with a wode profile and fast ride. In a nut shell this board is the shit. Huge pop, quick turns, just plain sexy – a great wakeboard for aggressive tricks yet with a solid feel it would be a great board in keeping up with beginners transitioning into crazy tricks.


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