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2008 Coy Wakeboard Reviews

July 29th, 2007 · No Reviews

Ronix Coy WakeboardsRonix Coy Wakeboard

Ronix Coy Wakeboard – Women’s: Not even Emily Copeland rides the way guys do – finally a shape designed for women- the true rulers of the waterway. The Coy Wakeboard by Ronix was not designed to set a steep edge load, instead the Coy has more of a vertical sidewall, which allows the tail to ride higher on the water. More speed is to be generated from reduced friction and increased glide rather than the angle of the board which lets you ride with less resistance. Let your crew know what’s up without having to say a word, just show them by putting down a sweet run on your Coy Wakeboard by Ronix.


  • Variable edge sets a quick predictable initial transfer with the less drag hitting the kicker
  • 9.6 degree/medium kick hybrid rocker takes smooth/fast/ explosive and throws em’ into one high-end ride
  • Thinnest profiled board in our line reduces swing weight and side channels and tip/tail tunnels aid the carve. 4 fiberglass 1.0” fins
  • Artwork – UV clear top/gold emblem/pearl metallic white ink/inlayed stones
  • Emily Copeland Durham endorsed


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