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2008 Covin Wakeboard Reviews

July 29th, 2007 · No Reviews

Ronix Covin WakeboardsRonix Covin Wakeboard

Our quickest series generates more board angle and glide into the wake than any other style of “fast” board Chad has ever ridden. This new style of charger has a sharp rail in the belly for speedy edge transfers and more of a vertical sidewall in the tail so the board sets a strong edge without burying it. The Covin is a hard edging deck that doesn’t sit super deep in the water which can create too much drag and effective edge with the water. Instead the speed comes from the edge angle, increased glide, and a tight load line that creates additional lift.


  • Variable edge sharp to vertical rail reacts quicker than any of our other boards
  • 9.1 degree/late kick continuous rocker – less pitch to carry more speed out into the flats
  • 2.5”/2.6”/2.7” rocker – 133/138/143 cm sizes
  • Thin profile and stiff glass layup
  • Simple bottom shape – no need for deep center concaves or beams if a board has enough forward momentum
  • Artwork – soft touch black top/black metal emblems/black metallic ink/clear glossy ink/heat sensitive ink
  • 4 fiberglass 1.0” fins
  • Chad Sharpe creation

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