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2008 Ibex Wakeboard Reviews

July 29th, 2007 · 1 Review

2008 Ibex Ronix WakeboardsRonix Ibex Wakeboard

Parks Bonifay’s Ronix IBEX is the Ronix One wakeboard on Steroids. The Ronix IBEX boosts bigger air with a flat spot on its 3-stage rocker the size of Nebraska. Edge control will be key when taming this beast.

“After watching the sport change as well as my own riding, I want a board with as much explosive pop as I’ve ever had as well as a fluid turn and edge, mixed with a reasonable amount of forgiveness. My board is quite a bit wider with more rocker than our other high-end 3-stage shape (Danny’s One Board) – so that there is the recipe for the most pop. The Ibex has a ton of side cut allowing its wide profile to turn well and give me extra lift off the wake. The board has a softer bevel/sharp rail in the center blending to a harder bevel/vertical rail near the tip and tail for more natural speed. We didn’t jump into knocking out a board; this deck went through more testing stages than any of my other signature decks. Everyone says it, but I definitely mean it – this is the best board out there for my explosive style of riding. Oh yeah, and the graphics will get ya’ some action too.” -Mr. Parks Bonifay

  • Sharper rail: The center of the board is sharper making for a quicker turning board that is still more forgiving on landings with a softer underside bevel
  • Subtle vertical rail: The tail of the board has a subtle vertical rail so the board doesn’t bury the rail on big cuts
  • 10.6 degree/late kick staged rocker: the most explosive rocker in our line
  • Huge 3 Stage Rocker:2.7”/2.8”/2.9” rocker 134/139/144 cm sizes
  • Thin profile reducing swing weight
  • A clean bottom design: the board lands with more natural forward momentum so we can get away with cleaner bottoms
  • Wide profile: with this much surface area we balance it out with more sidecut than the rest of our other boards for the right amount of effective edge in the water
  • Artwork: Chrome top/chrome emblem/recessed chrome icon
  • 4 fiberglass 1.0” fins
  • Parks Bonifay approval


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  • Lean wit it // Jul 29, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    This is certinaly a fast riding board with solid pop. It took some getting used to because of the small fins and there isn’t much edge to track on but I had never riden such a distinct three stage rocker. I do not recommend this as a begginer wakeboard because of the slightly steep adjustment into this style of a board.

    It is one of the slickest boards around and gains a lot of attention. Now that I am used to the board my confidence in cutting hard and launching off of the wake has grown I feel like the board is just an extension of my style. With its light weight and instant responce on the edges it really allows me to bust out aggressive tricks and tight turns. I highly recommend this board to anyone wanting to continue along or become an aggressive rider.

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