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2007 Imperial Wakeboard Reviews

January 17th, 2007 · No Reviews

2007 Imperial WakeboardImperial Hyperlite Wakeboards

Scott “Butch” Bouchard’s first creation in the Hyperlite line is geared for a responsive ride with a ton of pop. The Imperial series is the widest wakeboard in the line. With an 18″ waist it was shaped to create maximum pop with minimum swing weight. This added surface area also creates stability. To ensure a quick, responsive ride Butch shaped a tapered sidewall that starts tall at the center of the board then tapers to a sharper step-down rail tip and tail. This blend of soft to sharp sidewall creates lift and pop towards the center of the wakeboard and a fast edge toward the ends. Aiding the Imperial in this responsive feel are its cupped molded in fins. The first board with molded fins built with a true 0.5″ radius. Finishing up the Imperials technical package is the center beam construction, built to break heavy landings off big airs generated by its explosive pop.

– Shaped by Scott Bouchard
– 2.8″ 3 Stage Rocker
– Wide 18″ Center Width
– Tapered Side Wall Construction
– Step Down Rails
– Cupped Molded In Fins
– Center Beam Construction


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