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2007 Nemesis Wakeboard Reviews

January 10th, 2007 · No Reviews

2007 Nemesis WakeboardsNemesis Liquid Force Wakeboards

We’ve always been passionate about bringing stoked kids into the sport of wakeboarding. From our very beginnings, we teamed with a then 11-year-old named Shane Bonifay, and a six-year-old ripper named Phillip Soven. Together they helped design the first grom specific wakeboard, the Mini Squirt. As these rippers moved up through the ranks to top pros we developed our line to grow with them. Our new 2007 line has everything the little grom needs to live the dream. Every board has been created with the intent to help the rider grow in every way. From your kid’s first board to the Nemesis that Phillip won the X-Games on – we have something for everyone.


  • Rounded diamond tip tail-Easy catch free riding with extra tracking.
  • Canted Molded Fins-Easier to get board on edge. Help your board hold better switch stance, frontside, toeside, backside, heelside. -Solid and consistent tracking from any side – Releases on demand for a snow style, edge to edge feel – Long and shallow for quick release – No Drag.
  • Pop Rocker-A blend of the most popular styles. You like speed and responsive edge yet appreciate the mellow and classic feel. This rocker is a perfect blend of new aggressiveness that is complimented by the classic touch.
  • Variable Edges-There’s no catch – Soft the middle – Forgiving when neutral, spins faster off the wake, land still spinning – Sharpens as it nears the tail – Locks and holds edge into the water when weight is transferred into the edging position.


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