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2007 Gator Series Wakeboard Reviews

March 3rd, 2007 · No Reviews

2007 Gator SeriesGator Series Wakeboard

Parallel center channels offer additional control while approaching rails and ramps. Its continuous rocker pattern helps to maximize speed and line tensions while approaching the wake. Gator’s extensive years of riding and shaping experiences have all lead to the development of the precise base dimensions and fin placement, this provides uncompromising performance in all conditions.

Sure Lock Fin Mounting: A mounting pattern on GB fins that provides the most solid anchoring of a in to your board
Uni-Fiberglass Materials: A fiberglass that has concentrated longitudinal strands that gator’s competitors don’t. These increased strands generate more lead when a board is edging in and release that loaded energy coming off the water. More POP!
UV Based Resin: Protects your beautiful GB graphics from the harmful rays of the sun
Continuous Rocker Pattern: A consistent radius/arch from tail to tail of the board. This offers a smooth predictable ride up the wakes transition
Fisher Fiber Bases: A tightly woven material that provides the lightweight, bright crisp base graphics!. YES, it coats a bit more, but one look at Gator’s graphics and you will understand, – Another GB exclusive
Compressed Poly Urethane: Superior strength and rebound characteristics that give a consistent and predictable ride that performs in all water conditions

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