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2008 Bella Wakeboard Reviews

February 23rd, 2008 · No Reviews

Bella CWB WakeboardsBella Womens CWB Wakeboards

The perfect beginning to a girls professional wakeboarding career. The Bella is a small board that has a grown up shape. Most all kids boards are designed to be very mellow even when the kid progresses and starts to take their riding to the next level. Not the Bella! We have built a shape that not only creates a stable platform on which to learn, but also will carry that small girl on her first big wake to wake jump. Not too small and not too big, the Bella will work years, not months. The Bella also has edge fins that help teach the beginner to hold their edge through the wake, a bolt on fin to teach body position and comes partnered with the patented Hinge boots. No other girls wakeboard has this much to offer. Girls, your time has come.

Size 124cm
Weight 6.5lbs.
Rocker 2.15″
Waist Width 15.69″
Tip/Tail Width 9.50″
Rider Weight up to 110
Stance Width 16.5 – 22
Rocker Shape 3-stg


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