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2008 Recoil Wakeboard Reviews

February 23rd, 2008 · 1 Review

2008 Recoil Slingshot WakeboardsRecoil Slingshot Wakeboards

The Slingshot Recoil is designed for riders, like Global Team Rider Jeff McKee, looking for the traditional aggressive pop found in three stage rocker boards. It is the first aggressive, top of the line, wake to wake style, deck to feature Slingshot’s Future Response Technology™. FRT is an industry first technology that delivers flex control, rebound, energy and pop.

The Recoil is hard hitting at the wake for unmatched pop while offering you butter soft landings. The outline and rocker have been perfectly matched to take maximum advantage of a progressive pull to the wake. The bottom shape is an elliptical concave on both tips with a flat and even area between the feet for smooth and steady edge to edge control.

NEW for 08 Slingshot introduces the 4-P Insert Pack to the full board line up. This insert pack accommodates Slingshot specific boots or any industry standard binding. Riders can now choose to ride the D2, PB Floyd, Jewel or older style 8” bindings of their choice. Freedom is key!

• The lightest boards on the market with the lowest swing weights
• FRT*: Future Response Technology™: flex, rebound, energy and pop
• FRT*: Future Response Technology™: butter soft landings
• FRT* core: light weight and strong
• Unique board outline: steady progressive pull to the wake
• Step down side wall construction: increased rider control
• 4-Hole pattern: superior boot board connection compared to standard 8” 2 hole configurations.
• Elliptical concave and 3 stage rocker: added stability and control
• Made in the USA: quality assurance #1!
Slingshot Legendary Construction: bomber quality


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  • domas // Apr 30, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    Very different from other boards, you hate it then you love it. landings are sometimes unpredictable however, errors are easily corrected and the flex is like landing on pillows and butter slides are a breeze. the negative: difficult to ride in rough water(board wants to slide out during tracking), if you do not land directly on the top of the board you are likely to slip out. overall the pros outweigh the cons

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