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2008 Caddy Wakeboard Reviews

February 21st, 2008 · No Reviews

Caddy Gator WakeboardCaddy Gator Wakeboards

The Caddy has been the staple of the Gator boards line for years and its back again, redesigned, and greater than ever. With two sizes and impressive graphics our caddy is still turning heads. For 2008 we used an all-new synthetic suede material and an authentic caddy inspired gator badge giving it that old school feel. For this new shape we re-engineered the construction by maximizing the fiberglass for optimal strength-to-weight ratio that does not sacrifice durability, stiffness or response. The thin, but ribbed, tip and tail have a longitudinal snap for a livening pop off the wake. Cupped full-length center channels give this board more control, softer landings and make it more forgiving in rough water. Much like a surfboard the true angle molded fins angle towards the center of the board giving it much more wake entrance control. So, if you want a board with all around versatility and an aggressive shape to make any pro happy then this is the board for you.

RIDER QUOTE: Mark Weikel says “The best feature about the caddy is that it is a free roaming board that handles nice and loose, but edges perfectly when you need it to, having a solid tracking fin system. The thin tip and tail make it perfect to press on rails and really snappy off the wake! The caddy has a great wide shape to it and allows for easy and soft landings. Yeah. If you don’t know now you know!”

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