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2008 Prospect Wakeboard Reviews

February 21st, 2008 · No Reviews

Prospect Gator WakeboardProspect Gator Wakeboards

New to Gator this year is the PROSPECT. The Prospect was designed to be one of our most technical boards to date. The boards attributes were designed by team rider Kyle Rattray AKA pro wakeboard tour driver #2 . Starting from the bottom up, this board has three base channels that flow from tip to tail and flatten out in the center of the board for better rail surface control. The center channel leading towards the tip or tail creates a fin like flute for more hold on landings. The cupped contourd fins and outer center channels create a better hold into the wake. The rail has a base bevel and an edge bevel in the center giving the rails a round like feel at the mid-section that leads to a sharper cupped rail towards the tip or tail. This will give you more control over your speed leading into the wake. The variable edge bevel also gives you a looser feel as you adjust your weight forward, but has more bite as you lean back and set your edge.

RIDER QUOTE: “Kyle said I love the abrupt continuous rocker line of the Prospect! The board rides real fast into the wake like a traditional continuous board, but consistently explodes off the top of the wake like a three stage board. I also love the sharp rails on the board, it allows you to sink your edge deep into the water and hold a hard edge all the way into the wake without the board slipping out. If you don’t want crank into the wake, you can back off your edge and let the .9 molded fins do all the work. Wicked“


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