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2008 Womens Legend Wakeboard Reviews

February 21st, 2008 · 1 Review

Womens Legend Gator WakeboardWomens Legend Gator Wakeboards

The Randall Harris Legend series ’08! “The Vandall has always said make it Simple but very Effective”. With this being said some key functional points are the true angle molded fins and a bigger more flat center area, with more length, more width in the tips, and slightly more streamlined beveled edges. The continuous rocker creates a fast and effortless ride, allowing the rider to focus on more important things like legit riding. We also went with 2.7 inches of rocker to ensure a smooth ride up the wake at any speed…even Vandall’s (28mph). The outcome: Bigger, Faster, smoother, with a lot more pop. Another feature is an elliptical base bevel great for refined control while edging and all around tougher board. After you pick up one of the Legends all your friends are going to want one.

RIDER QUOTE: Randall the ”Vandall” Harris says, “These boards are all about massive pop and speed, boosting into the flats and maintaining momentum as the board makes contact with the water. The VANDALL’s are high performance boards with beginner level forgiveness. The original dual molded fin technology with a removable center fin makes it the best tracking board on the market. My tattoo artist, Joe Leonard, of Monkey Wrench Tattoo, designed the 08 graphics. We chose an LA cholo style art theme for all the boards for maximum flavor and uniqueness. This line even includes a fourth board with graphics designed specifically for the female riders.”

“Volla Con Dios”

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  • Jay // Feb 27, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    This board rocks, and would be great 4 everyone. 1nce I get better I am gonna buy 1 of these!

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