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2008 Gator Wakeboard Reviews

February 21st, 2008 · No Reviews

Gator Wakeboard2008 Gator Wakeboards

The highest end wakeboard ever made! This new Gator wakeboard has it all. With features and systems never before seen on a wakeboard. The ATCS(Adjustable Track Control System ) showcases movable eight inch laser etched anodized aluminum fins that can be set up just how you like. If you want, set them up individually, different for heelside or toeside edge cuts. The Air Cell Core (or ACC) is made up of a top-secret ultra light weight machined pvc giving this board unbelievable lightness. The strength of board is derived from a carbon fiber infinite wrap. The carbon makes this board light and strong while the infinite wrap system makes for a stronger edge that can endure seasons of abuse. Along with all the above we gave the Gator an aggressive three stage rocker with massive pop and a variable edge for clean controlled edging. We’re not done yet. This board also features a chiseled edge bevel at the belly of the board for softer turn initiation. This edge leads up into the Variable shaped rail, which gets sharper towards tip and tail for faster aggressive edging and take offs. Satisfied yet, you wont be till you have this board strapped to your feet.


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