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2008 Marius Wakeboard Reviews

February 15th, 2008 · 1 Review

Marius CWB WakeboardsMarius CWB Wakeboards

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…Trevor Marius Hansen and Doug Cannon again went into the shaping room to create the next design to carry the name Marius. With the huge success of Trevor’s last board and a worldwide love for the way it rode, not many modifications were needed.

We all know that stiffness creates snap off the wake, so Trevor and Doug added even more with the new top shape design. Marius co-designer Doug Cannon says, “Our pro level decks for 2007 had X Flex technology, which added stiffness to the tip and tail. The feedback on the new flex patterns was huge, so for 2008 we took that technology and added ridges to the top of Trevor’s new shape to make that tip and tail snap even more.” We were then able to thin out the tip and tail, trimming weight back even further. The molded fins were sharpened and moved towards the center of the board to get a bit more bite on edge, giving the Marius a buttery ride, but the ability to lock in on a hard edge. Even with these changes, riding the Marius without the center fin is reserved for those who are very comfortable with their edging.

The fin box has also been removed and an additional two channels added to give that extra bite while maintaining speed. For such a huge amount of surface area, the new Marius is the fastest board in the quiver of CWB shapes. The feedback has been huge. Trevor has a relaxed style of riding and some think he coasts into the wake. When you can coast into the wake, and float a method eight feet high and into the flats, something with your board is right.

Size 134cm
Weight 7.7lbs.
Rocker 2.85″
Waist Width 17.63″
Tip/Tail Width 12.60″
Rider Weight up to 160
Stance Width 21.5 – 25.5
Rocker Shape Continuous

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  • Toni // Feb 27, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    CWB seems to be setting the standard as other wakeboard manufacturers seem to be copying the new carbon fiber tops.

    A more stable with great tracking but it seems to have taken from the pop – still better then the last years model though.


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