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SST Series Wakeskate Reviews

April 1st, 2009 · No Reviews · Add a Review

SST Series WakeskatesSST Series wakeskate


  • New for 2009, compression molded bottom deck
  • Two models are asymmetrical and one symmetrical
  • Aggressive 3 stage rocker
  • Variable edge, softer rail in the middle, progresses to a crisp rail at the nose and tail
  • Compression molded top deck with concave, features a unique split tail design that allows the board to respond much
  • faster than traditional concaves
  • Boards are drilled for use of our accessory fins for locking into rails
  • Die cut Jessup Grip Tape
  • 2 skate fins standard


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2007 SST Wakeskate Reviews

February 13th, 2008 · 2 Reviews · Add a Review

SST Liquid Force WakeskatesSST Liquid Force Wakeskates

If you’re a fan of wakeskating, you know we’ve spent more time perfecting this design than pretty much any other product we’ve ever built. When it was first released mid summer, 2007, it quickly became the most talked about skate in the market… true skaters finally had what they’d been looking for in a skate. Created by Silas Thurman and our design team, this deck incorporates several firsts. It’s the first dual level deck to utilize a compression molded top and a wood bottom. This was done to ensure durability, as well as the skate feel. Most importantly, this deck has serious spring in its pop! The design has been ridden hard by Silas, Aaron Reed, and several of our skaters. They’ve all come back to us stoked… Aaron likes the way the board pops to his feet when he’s doing 3 Shuvs across the wake and Silas is stoked with the ability to simply snap ollies and tech tricks more explosively. If you’re ready for the next generation of wakeskates that is engineered to take your riding to the next level, the SST is it. (more…)

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