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2008 Hampson Wakeskate Reviews

February 13th, 2008 · 1 Review · Add a Review

Hampson Liquid Force WakeskatesHampson Liquid Force Wakeskates

Back in spring 2006, Aaron Reed put some pressure on our design department to create a wakeskate shape that worked for himself, as well as his friend Mr. Hampson. With his midseason release in 2006, a board was created that met his demands. We built a board that popped and tracked good enough for Aaron to land his backside big-spins wake to wake, as well as 3 shuvs across the wake. Danny was more stylish than ever as he slashed across the world’s wakes. For 2008, the shape has remained consistent to what these guys and skaters around the world loved… true skate feel! If you’re a fan of Danny Hampson’s smooth style we’ve got the 40 and 41 models. If you’re a fan of how big Aaron goes, the 42 is the one for you. Either way, we’ve got a board for you… get ready for more pop than you’ll know what to do with! (more…)


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