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2008 Ibex Wakeboard Reviews

July 29th, 2007 · 1 Review · Add a Review

2008 Ibex Ronix WakeboardsRonix Ibex Wakeboard

Parks Bonifay’s Ronix IBEX is the Ronix One wakeboard on Steroids. The Ronix IBEX boosts bigger air with a flat spot on its 3-stage rocker the size of Nebraska. Edge control will be key when taming this beast.

“After watching the sport change as well as my own riding, I want a board with as much explosive pop as I’ve ever had as well as a fluid turn and edge, mixed with a reasonable amount of forgiveness. My board is quite a bit wider with more rocker than our other high-end 3-stage shape (Danny’s One Board) – so that there is the recipe for the most pop. The Ibex has a ton of side cut allowing its wide profile to turn well and give me extra lift off the wake. The board has a softer bevel/sharp rail in the center blending to a harder bevel/vertical rail near the tip and tail for more natural speed. We didn’t jump into knocking out a board; this deck went through more testing stages than any of my other signature decks. Everyone says it, but I definitely mean it – this is the best board out there for my explosive style of riding. Oh yeah, and the graphics will get ya’ some action too.” -Mr. Parks Bonifay


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