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2009 Vice Wakeboard Reviews

May 18th, 2009 · No Reviews · Add a Review

2009 Vice WakeboardsThe Vice continues to evolve! Last year we added our signature DELTA base, this year it’s 100% finless, reflecting the Vice’s freeride feel. With a wide profile designed to be ridden 4 to 5 cm shorter than a standard deck, the Vice is for riders who prefer a mellower cut to the wake – using the board’s surface area and huge progressive rocker line to generate pop. The Vice also excels for riders preferring higher boat speeds, where it’s width provides a stable platform, huge pop, and soft landings when taken into the flats Graphic Treatments: Carbon Inlay. Shape by Josh Sanders and Chris Johnson


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2008 Vice Wakeboard Reviews

July 17th, 2008 · 3 Reviews · Add a Review

Vice Obrien WakeboardsVice Obrien Wakeboards

Since the days of the Phatty, O’Brien has been making wide boards better than anyone, and the Vice continues that reality – better than ever for 08 with the addition of the DELTA base. Often referred to as the designated wake hitter of the O’Brien line, Josh Sanders’ Vice has the width and progressive rocker line for huge air and a large center spine to make landings buttery soft. The DELTA base makes it faster for 08 so you can ride longer, go bigger, and sign autographs later.


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2007 Vice Wakeboard Reviews

March 5th, 2008 · No Reviews · Add a Review

2007 ViceThe Vice Obrien Wakeboards

The first thing you will notice about this board more than any other in our entire line is the extremely wide shape. Dialing in the optimal width without creating too much drag is always the question. The crew at O’Brien worked with Josh Sanders, the 2005 King of Wake, through countless hours of tweaking and multiple time zones to deliver the best wide waist (no, not your girlfriend) deck on the market. The wider the board, the more pop you get from the wake. With waist widths up to 18 inches, it claims the title of widest deck on the market. Aiding in control is the curved outer molded in fins, allowing you to load the line and kick huge off the wake. We incorporated the Crook fins to give the board added stability and edge control no matter what the water conditions are. The double concave base softens the landings while channeling the water out the back of the board for speed. The deeper back channel give the board a loose feel while riding flat and gives a quick, strong snap when you leave the wake. (more…)

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