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2008 Substance Grind Wakeboard Reviews

February 13th, 2008 · No Reviews · Add a Review

Substance Grind Liquid Force WakeboardsSubstance Grind Liquid Force Wakeboards

Rail Riding has become such an integral part of wakeboarding these days that it’s only fitting we’d make a board designed to withstand the abuse that jibbing can bring to a board. With riders like Kevin Henshaw going from Rail Jam to Rail Jam, and Tom Fooshee sessioning the TSR Cable Park daily, it was necessary for us to build a board that would last longer than they could. The Substance Grind with its new Grind Base Material is the perfect weapon for an all out rail assault. Cable Parks across the world are lining up to put these boards in their demo fleet and our team riders all have one in their quiver… if you’re serious about riding rails, you should have one in your quiver, as well! (more…)


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