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2007 Melissa Wakeboard Reviews

January 10th, 2007 · No Reviews · Add a Review

2007 Melissa WakeboardsMelissa Liquid Force Wakeboards

Melissa always impresses us with her design ideas and this year is no different. Having had more to do with product design than almost any other LF rider, guy or girl, Melissa is constantly seeking products that will allow the woman rider to progress and have fun doing so. Her new board carries in the continuous rocker tradition of the Trip and her previous board, the Angel. Rocker line has been increased, and the rail line has been softened in the center for extra forgiveness. Melissa’s new shape was designed from the ground up to fit her needs. It’s the first women’s board designed exclusively with her ideas and input she’s received from other high end riders. Gone are the days of sticking a girl’s graphic on a guy’s board. The Melissa truly is a board designed to take women’s riding to the next level! (more…)

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