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2008 Gonzalez Wakeboard Reviews

February 21st, 2008 · No Reviews · Add a Review

Gonzalez Gator Wakeboard2008 Gonzalez Wakeboards

The new Ricky shape is out. Keeping all the great elements, we made subtle change’s to this shape that have resulted in a more potent ride. This board still features straight track molded fins, 4 degree ellepitical base bevel, and a full length center channel that made this board so popular to date. Then, we upped the ante with newly designed variable shaped rails giving the Ricky G. refined edge setting ability. And to give this board more lift and pop off the wake we gave an overall wider center, and wider tip and tail.

RIDER QUOTE: The Ricky G 2008 signature boards are going to be one of the best boards you have ever ridden. I have made a few really good changes that will improve the boards riding from the last few years. I didn’t need to do much, but change the width, the sizes and a few things on the bottom. So the board will have an increased lift off the wake and softer landings. It will still be “What it’s known for” as the best board for all around riders, and all levels of riding from beginners to advanced skills. Ricky G 2008 signature graphics have a really good story behind them. My tattoo artist Kaib Knight puts a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into making all of my graphics from 2004 and on to the latest. Every single year they get better and better and still more to come. The graphics for 2008 are really cool old traditional tattoo art. If you need any great tattoo work, you can find him at tattoo six in Bakersfield California. I. A. Better known as the west side!!!

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2007 Gonzalez Wakeboard Reviews

March 3rd, 2007 · No Reviews · Add a Review

2007 Gonzalez Gator Wakeboards

he award winning design has returned to be a model for the rest of the industry to follow. The Ricky Gonzalez shape defines what an “All around” board is. From rough water conditions to rails and ramps, this board can tackle any challenge.

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