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2008 Surge Wakeboard Reviews

February 15th, 2008 · No Reviews · Add a Review

Surge CWB WakeboardsSurge CWB Wakeboards

Attention kids, time to rip. We have built these two shapes to take that little rider to the podium. Both are aggressive shapes with molded fins, stiff rides, and a rocker line that will throw them to the moon. Most kids shapes are mellow and designed to learn and stop there. We have designed ours to carry the rider further. We use a similar flex to that of our intermediate packages. We use edge fins so when on edge, they stay on edge and carry the speed to the wake. We then added some top shaping to add more stiffness and trim weight. What we came up with was the Surge and Charger. Hitting the kids market in two sizes to keep it simple but also provide every possible need to those riders. No need to offer a truckload of sizes. We deliver those that matter. (more…)

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