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2008 Sol Wakeboard Reviews

February 15th, 2008 · No Reviews · Add a Review

Sol CWB WakeboardsSol CWB Wakeboards

We have built the Sol for years as a package to hit that entry level budget, and a shape to take that first timer up, out, and to their first wake to wake jump. We succeed year after year in delivering just that. Partnered with the Mobe boot with lace adjustment and a split toe to fit a wide range of feet. The Mobe boot will fit everyone in the boat, uses all rubber construction that many riders are used to, and allows for the most flex available in a wake boot. The Sol is a shape that screams budget and works great for learning, or that weekend rider that enjoys simply carving around a few times a season. Need an extra package to keep in the boat? The Sol/Mobe is your baby. (more…)

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