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2008 Pure Wakeboard Reviews

February 27th, 2008 · No Reviews · Add a Review

CWB Pure WakeboardsCWB Pure Wakeboards

The Pure with Torq boots was the best selling package in the industry last season. Not only is it an amazing shape, packaged with the industry shattering hinge boots, and rocking a killer graphic but the price of the package will make you ask “are you sure?” We all know what the Torq’s will do for you. A boot that all of your friends can share, they can swim in and out of them with ease, and they look killer. Now partner those with a shape that was formed around a past Absolute shape which we also all know is rad. So we now have a shape paired with boots…both of which rock. A great board for the beginner and intermediate, the Pure is a softer board allowing for a bit of a mellower ride. Tracks well, edges easy, and pops consistent thanks to the three basics that every board in this genre needs. Large molded fins, a deep bolt on fin, and long channels for extra tracking. The Pure gets the tri-fecta and will give you that perfect ride. (more…)

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