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2008 Faction Wakeboard Reviews

February 27th, 2008 · 2 Reviews · Add a Review

2008 Faction CWB WakeboardsCWB Faction Wakeboards

The Faction movement was formed last year when a couple reps had some riders that made a difference in their territories. It was built around those riders who do everything it takes and whatever it takes to get their next set. Eating, sleeping, and breathing take a back seat, everything wake. The Faction brand is now not only a board and boots, but clothing, handles and now a shape targeted to the smaller rider. The guys wanted a board that was a different ride, something they could take to the cable or rail park and still have something they could hit a solid double up, or pull a back five off the wake. It is a free shape with very little going on with the bottom. When something was designed, prototypes were shipped to ten riders from pro’s to shop employees. Feedback was then pooled, and out came the Faction board. A continuous rocker line, very small molded fins, and subtle rails create a shape that glides across the water effortlessly. A four-fin speedster that gives you two boards in one, a wake killer as well as a free shape for pressing in the flats. Get to your local shop and check out the top dressing. Using a fabric material and a metal stamp, this is a board that will surely impress. Check out all the new Faction products, get to your dealer to demand the package. (more…)

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