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2008 Absolute Platinum Wakeboard Reviews

February 15th, 2008 · No Reviews · Add a Review

Absolute Platinum CWB WakeboardsAbsolute Platinum CWB Wakeboards

Chances are at some point in your riding you have either ridden an Absolute, or a shape created from one. Known as one of the most influential shapes in our industries short life, the Absolute is again delivered with a twelve-year veterans seal of approval. Knowing what sells and what is best for the industry, Zane has always created shapes that not only ride well for the beginner, but also perform for the ripper. Zane has been with us for twelve years and has been a huge influence on our brand as well as the industry as a whole. From being an innovator in the sport, knowing what it takes for a shape to be successful, and teaching more people to ride than Ron Jeremy, we appreciate what he does and has done every day. (more…)

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